Lesson 8.2

Take the path of most resistance. In all aspects of life: easy now = hard later, hard now = easy later.

If you miss one workout, you’re likely to miss another. Find an excuse to workout instead of an excuse not to workout.

Cardio vs. Strength

Why Lift? The Benefits of Weight Training vs. Aerobic/Endurance

  • Increase Muscle, Decrease Body Fat*
  • Increase Metabolism, Burn More Calories*
  • Increase Work Capacity (work harder, longer)
  • Injury Prevention #1*
  • Joint Health, Joint Stability*
  • Bone Density*
  • Heart Health
  • Athletic Performance*
  • Mental Strength: More Energy, Confidence, & Focus

* = not a benefit of aerobic/endurance training

Some science explaining why endurance could make you weak: If an average person does mostly distance running when conditioning, on a cellular level, Intermediate muscle fibers may begin to convert to red endurance muscle fibers.

Endurance Athletics should strength train 2x/week

Sprinter vs Marathoner

Step 5 – Designing Workouts: Exercise Selection

See book recommendations for photos and exercise library.

Balance the program with these Basic Movements:

  1. Legs
  2. Push
  3. Pull
  4. Core

Big to Small Exercises and Muscles
At least 2 of the Big 6 a must, more than 3 may take away from getting better at any of the lifts.

Green Supplements – if you don’t get enough fruits and veggies, if you have to ask, you don’t. recommended fruit and vegetable intake is at least three to five servings per day. (1 First = 1 Serving)

ZMA – Sleep, deep, deep, sleep which means better recovery and faster muscle development. increase hormone levels and muscle strength in athletes. Maybe, but I definitely sleep great, which does help with recovery and therefore better muscle development.

Multivitamin – reduce the risk of nutrient deficiency

The Big 6 (Mostly Barbell Exercises)

  • Deadlift
  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Chinups
  • OH Press
  • Bench Press

Plug your Type of Workouts (Total Body, Lower Body, etc.) into your weekly schedule.

Lower Body 2.2

BB Deadlift (6 sets) x444333

Back Squat 4×8

DB Walking Lunge 3×10
DB Single-Leg Deadlift
Side Plank + Hip XT

Toe Touch 2×12
Knee Grab w/ Reach
Knee Grab Row
Russian Twist