Lesson 2.2

Nobody is going to “give” you time. You have to take that time.

We're always going to be busy, there will be something we'd rather do than workout, but it is up to you to take the time to do what's most important to you, and hopefully, that's your own well-being.


Setting a Training Schedule - How often should I workout?

There are a lot of methods that will get you to your goal, some will just get you there faster and with some extra benefits. In other words, not all workouts are created equal, some will get you to your goals, some won't. You have to be committed to a training schedule that aligns with your goals. So first, you need to decide what you want to get from your training.

Pick a Goal

  1. Health - Internal wellness, live longer, more resilient to sickness and disease.
  2. Fitness - Both health and aesthetics. Not necessarily strong or your most capable, but you'll look and feel good.
  3. Performance (recommended) - Look and perform like an athlete even if you don't play sports. Most capable for sports or any physical activity with the body to match.
  4. Physique - Bodybuilder. You'll look ridiculously ripped, but the looks won't carry over much into performance.

Type of Workouts (ranked in order of 1. most effective to 5. least effective, scientifically-speaking)

  1. Weight Training
    • Strength Training - Heavy lifting and functional exercises
    • Bodybuilding - Body part specific, hypertrophy, isolation, machines
  2. Speed/Power - Explosive exercises like sprinting, olympic lifting, plyometrics, most advanced
  3. Conditioning - Endurance, long-duration, high-rep, low-rest, aerobic, skills training
  4. Active Rest Days - Any physical activity where you don't exert yourself
  5. Rest Days - Sit on your butt and chill

What It Takes By Goal

  • Health
    2-7 Days/Week
    2 Strength or 4 Conditioning or 7 Active Rest Days (what I mean by not all workouts are created equal)
    0-5 Max Rest Days
  • Fitness
    4-7 Days/Week
    2 Strength or 4 Bodybuilding
    Speed/Power (optional)
    2 Conditioning
    3 Active Rest Days
    3 Max Rest Days
  • Performance
    4-7 Days/Week
    2-4 Strength
    1-2 Speed/Power
    2-3 Conditioning
    1-2 Active Rest Days
    1-2 Max Rest Days
  • Physique (the biggest commitment)
    6-7 Days/Week
    3-6 Strength and/or Bodybuilding
    Speed/Power (optional)
    2-3 Conditioning
    1 Active Rest Days
    1 Max Rest Days

There are many variables, but without near perfect execution (the difference between the best in the world and the rest of us), above is what you should commit to in order to achieve your desired goal.


Starches & Whole Grains

  • High in calories
  • Low in Nutrition
  • Best to eat post-workout

Top Sources

  • Sweet potatoes/yams
  • Quinoa
  • Amaranth

Serving Size

  • Men: 2 Golf Balls
  • Women: 1 Golf Ball
  • Limit to post-workout

Lifestyle Tip

Schedule yourself first. Schedule your workouts. Keep your appointments.


Choose a goal and make a weekly schedule


Inchworm w/ Pushup
Spiderman w/ T-Spine Rotation
Spiderman to Rotational Squat


Total Body Strength

A. TB Deadlift 5x5

B1. Bench Press 5x5
B2. Chinup 5xMax

C1. Single-Leg Deadlift 3x8

D1. Pushups 3x10
D2. Lat Pulldown 3x12

E1. DB Bicep Curl 3x10
E2. DB Lateral Raise 3x10

Core Finisher