Lesson 9.2

Having fun is #1. Find your fun.

Fitness needs to be fun to last. Weightlifting is not for everyone, well it is, but not everyone is going to want to do it. There are thousands of options for being fit. Explore. Try new things until you find something you enjoy. Having  a workout partner can make it more fun and social. Try new things within weight training such as barbells, kettlebells, machines, etc. Yes, you still have to work hard to get results, but the more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to keep doing it.

For me, it's fun feeling good from exercise. It's fun knowing I'm taking care of myself. It's fun when I feel myself getting stronger. It's fun seeing muscles grow. Weights are more enjoyable to me than other forms of exercise, but even so, my workouts aren't always fun, they're fun when they're done.


Figure out what makes you happy then pursue it endlessly. Don't be the average person who gives up on their goals, settle for less, compromises. Do whatever it takes to find that passion in your life and go after it until you get it. You can have anything you want if you pursue it. Your relentless efforts will be rewarded. How bad do you want it?


Anatomy Basics

  • Muscle contraction = muscle shortening.
  • Line of Pull - direction of muscle fibers shows you the direction needed to activate these muscles.

Muscles by Movements

By knowing what movements target which muscles, you know how to train those muscles.

Glutes - Squat & Hinge, Single-Leg, Carry
Hamstrings - Hinge, Single-Leg Hinge
Quads - Squat, Single-Leg Squat
Back - Pull
Chest - Press
Traps - Pull
Deltoids (Shoulders) - Press/Pull
Biceps - Pull
Triceps - Press
Forearms - Carry
Calves - Squat, Single-Leg Squat


Abs are made in the kitchen.

A six pack is the ultimate reward and symbol for discipline in the gym and discipline with your nutrition. You can do everything right in the gym, but without proper nutrition, don't expect your abs to show up. Note: You can train abs every workout.


BB Bench Press

  • Spot your partner using a mixed-grip
  • Align eyes under bar to avoid hitting the rack
  • Retract Shoulder blades
  • Elbows should be tucked vs untucked. If you retract your shoulder blades, this will happen naturally.
  • No thumbless grip
  • Feet flat and even, apply force, feet up is less stable

Recommended Reading for the Bench Press and other Barbell Exercises: Starting Strength


Get started on your training program. Due by end of Week 11.


  • Wrist Rockers
  • Lower Body Band Warmup 2x8
    Good Morning
    Goblet Squat
    Hip Raise
    Lateral Walk (10 yards per leg)


Lower Body 3.2

BB Deadlift 6x2 (95%) Important! At this weight, you must have perfect form or risk serious injury.

Back Squat 4x6

SL Box Squat 3x10
SB Leg Curl 3x8
Standing Plate Calf Raise 3x10

Plank Core Finisher: 2x20s
Push Up Plank Iso Hold
Push Up Plank Knee to Opp Elbow
Push Up Plank Knee to Side
Push Up Plank Leg Hold
Push Up Plank Arm Hold