Lesson 9.1

Don’t get thru it, get from it. -Martin Rooney

Workout, schoolwork, your job, work is the keyword and we rarely associate work with something we do for pleasure. You should find pleasure in the result of doing these things, but at the time, it's work. A simple flip of the mindset and you can instead decide it's not about just getting thru something unpleasant, it's about what you can get from doing it. Focus on the benefits of what you are getting from it.


Program Design Step 6: Designing Workouts: Workload

Use Training Goals to Determine Reps. This also will help determine sets and load.

Training Goals

  • Power (speed/max force in short of time as possible) 1-6 reps
  • Strength 1-6 reps
  • Hypertrophy 8-12 (recommended for most) - requires 3 or more exercises targeting the same muscle groups
  • Muscular endurance 15+

Typical Sets: 3 sets will work for most people. More advanced lifters will do 4-6 sets for strength and power.

For simplicity, you can't go wrong with doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps.


Make one change at a time to accurately measure the result. If you add a supplement or make a change to your diet, try it for 2-4 weeks to determine it’s effect and benefits.

If I made 5 changes at once, I wouldn't know which change caused the result. If I learn that 1 change has a positive effect, then I want to lock that in as part of my regular diet.


BB OH Press

  • Grip the bar with all 10 digits
  • Elbows slightly in front of bar
  • Elbows directly below wrist
  • Back muscles engaged
  • Vertical bar path, use hip movement to move head around bar
  • Lockout elbows, shrug shoulders

Recommended Reading: Starting Strength


  • Wrist Rockers
  • Upper Body Band Warmup x8
    • Horizontal Pull Aparts
    • Vertical Pull Aparts
    • Front Raise
    • OH Press
    • High Pull
    • Bicep Curl
    • Chest Press
    • Chest Fly


BB Bench Press 3x8 (80%)

BB OH Press x4,4,3,3,3
DB Plank Row 4x12

Cable Tricep Pushdown 3x15

Bicep Curl Finisher 1x10-1 (countdown set)