Lesson 7.2

F.O.C.U.S. (follow one course until successful)

It’s not that we need to do more, but that we need to focus on less. Narrow your focus to center around your most important goal. Less is more. You’ll be good at everything, great at nothing. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Pick a Focus – Every choice you make in your program will be built around this goal. There is crossover, but trying to accomplish too much can inhibit your primary goal.

  • Weight Loss – eat less
  • Fat Loss – eat higher quality
  • Muscle Gain – lift lots of weights, eat more
  • Strength – lift heavy weights
  • Strength & Conditioning – get a program, train
  • Athletic Performance – get a coach

Story of Matt Emmons – 2004 Summer Olympics – Rifle Shooter

Supplements – Fish Oil

Short answer, it improves fat loss. However, the benefits go beyond that. Fish Oil helps support heart, brain, nerve, and eye health. It promote cardiovascular health and mental clarity and helps maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response. Fish oil (specifically the fatty acid DHA) signals genes in the brain to produce a chemical that keeps Alzheimer’s at bay. People who take fish oil have better cognitive function as they age, compared to people who don’t take fish oil.

Fish oil provides Omega-3.
This decreases fat cells and gives more nutrients to muscle cells.
Omega-3 is important for cardiovascular function, nervous system function and brain development, and immune health. In some cases, it can relieve joint pain.
Vegetarians/Vegan: Take Algae Oil as an alternative.
Note: If you eat enough fatty fish (as in daily), you may not need to take fish oil.”

Single-Leg Exercises (Knee-Dominant)
Single-Leg Squat
Lunge (Backwards, Forward, Walking, Lateral)

Soft Tissue Massage (Ball)

  • Gluteus Maximus & Hip Rotators
  • Low Back
  • Calves
  • Traps

Lower Body 1.2 S H

BB Deadlift x5,5,4,4,4

Back Squat 3×8

Single-Leg Squat 3×10
SB Leg Curl 3×8
Plate Calf Raises 3×10

Core Add-On

Q: What are two ways to achieve fat loss? A: Eat higher quality foods and build muscle by weight training.