Lesson 14.1

Don't let the start stop you.

After a few days off or a longer hiatus in training, restart your training asap. Don’t stress about the past, just get back into action.



Although the barbell is the centerpiece of my training, many workouts with my clients and myself include kettlebells. When I’m at home or traveling, the kettlebell is my go to. When time, space or budget is limited, a kettlebell is the only piece of equipment you need for a great workout without compromise.

An extensive variety of exercises utilizing kettlebells allows you to train the entire body, presenting challenges and opportunities to develop strength, power, mobility, and stability with additional demands placed on the cardiovascular system.

In fact, you could train effectively for your entire life with just a single kettlebell. Now I’m not endorsing you only train with kettlebells, but you can certainly attain high levels of fitness using only kettlebells. Many people of all ages and varying levels of athleticism, training exclusively with kettlebells, have done just that.

Whether you choose to train only with kettlebells or just need a way of staying active when you can’t make it to the gym, get yourself a kettlebell or two.




Getting enough fiber, is important for overall health and disease prevention.

  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Makes you feel full
  • Makes you poop better.

Your poo (gross) is a good indicator of your health and how good you're eating.

Low-fiber health problems:

Cardiovascular diseases
High blood pressure
GI disorders, cancers and poor bowel function
Excess body fat
Reduced energy


By building your diet around vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.


KB Swing

Hinge, don't squat.

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

  1. Snap the kettlebell like hiking a football.
  2. Hit yourself in the butt, aim for the crack, or if you prefer, thumbs to bum.
  3. Pop your hips. This is where the power comes from to catapult and propel the kettlebell.


Total Body

Plank Reach 3x30s
KB Swing 3x15
MB Slam 3x10

TB Deadlift 3x10
DB Split Squat 3x10

DB OH Press 3x10
Push-Up 3xMax
Tricep Pushdown 3x15