Lesson 13.1

If it’s important, do it every day. - Dan Gable

Veteran's Day (observed)


Flow Warmup

3 reps each, this warmup once practiced takes less than 5 minutes

Half Lotus (Stay Square, No Rotation)
Toe Sit
Heal Sit
6-Point Position - Neck Rotation (ROM, not stretch)
6-Point Position - Chin Tuck (ROM, not stretch)
Down Dog
Spiderman - Left Hip Distraction
Spiderman - Left Hip Rotation
Spiderman - Right Hip Distraction
Spiderman - Right Hip Rotation
Spiderman - Left Hip Thoracic
Spiderman - Right Hip T-Spine Rotation
Spiderman to Rotational Squat
V Stance (Walk hands back)
V Stance T-Spine Rotation
Alt Lateral Squats
Half-Kneeling Adductor Rocks
Yoga Table (Belly In at Top)
Squat Iso to Elbow Distraction to Rock Side-to-Side
Toe Touch Squat
Egg Roll


Total Body

Front Squat

Reverse Lunge
Incline Press

Leg Press
Leg Press Calf Raises

DB Bent Over Reverse Fly
DB Bicep Curl
DB Upright Row

BW Core Add-on 2x20
Flutter Kick
Single Leg V-up
Triangle Crunch
Side Crunch