Lesson 12.1 Sleep Week


If there's skill worth mastering, it's sleep. Great sleep leads to looking, feeling, and performing your best.


Sleep 7-9 hours a night.


Why Sleep is important

  • Muscle repair happens during rest, better sleep means better muscle growth
  • Better mood, focus, and memory
  • Your body burns fat better with sleep (people who sleep less than 6 hours gain twice as much weight over 6 year period)
  • More energy for workouts
  • Better food choices
  • Sleep impacts everything. Poor sleep = poor performance.
  • Too little sleep negatively affects your health. You're more likely to gain weight, risk type ii diabetes, increased risk of stroke and heart attack



Caffeine benefits:

  • endurance
  • max-intensity exercise
  • cognitive functions
  • concentration
  • response time
  • carb absorption
  • muscle fiber recruitment
  • lifespan and healthspan
  • reduced risk of alzheimer’s

In system 2-10 hours

Don't abuse, keep your daily intake to less than 300 mg.

Article: All About Caffeine


Total Body

*Pick your rep scheme based on what you've learned this course.

Front Squat
OH Press

Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat
Bench Press

Walking Lunge
Incline Press

Lateral Lunge

Leg Extension
Tricep Extension