Lesson 10.2

If it is to be, it is up to me.

It is your choice to workout or not. It is your choice to eat better. It is your choice to get rest. Fitness is your choice, nobody else's.


During this lesson we'll go over Step 3 and 4 of designing your own training Program. See the Assignment page.

Most people want arms and abs, but training arms and abs is the slowest way to get lean. Use your biggest muscles to get the biggest results, this would be your legs and your back muscles. You should still train your arms and abs, but save it for the end of your workouts or on a day when you're resting your biggest muscles. Big muscles burn more fat, less fat means more likely to see your abs. Your diet will largely affect your stomach fat, so tighten up that diet if you want to tighten up that stomach.


Lower Body Band Warmup 2x8

Good Morning
Goblet Squat
Hip Raise
Lateral Walk (10 yards each way)


Lower Body 4.2

A. Deadlift 1RM

B. Back Squat 3x6

C1. DB Forward Lunge Return 3x10
C2. KB SL RDL 3x10
C3. Side Plank + Hip Ext 3x10