Lesson 1

"Don’t focus on where you are, focus on where you want to be."


Introduction to Training Programs: How to Read a Program - Sets, Reps, Load

  • Exercises are listed as sets x reps (repetitions). For example, 3x8 means you’ll do 3 sets for 8 reps of that exercise.
  • Sets can be single exercises or a group of exercises.
  • Sets with multiple exercises will have a letter and/or number by them such as A1 and A2 or 1A and 2A.
  • A superset is 2 exercises performed back-to-back.
  • A tri-sets is a 3 exercises performed back-to-back.
  • More than 3 exercises is a circuit.
  • You’ll complete all exercises in a set then rest and repeat until all sets are complete.
  • Load is the weight or resistance (same thing) used. It is very important you track this so that you can track weekly progress. More on this later.


A. KB Goblet Squat - 3x8

B1. KB Swing - 3x15
B2. Pushup - 3x15

In the example above, you would do a Kettlebell Goblet Squat for 8 reps, rest, and repeat for 2 more sets (3 sets total). Then, you’d move on and do 15 Kettlebell Swing’s, 8 Pushup’s, rest, and repeat for 2 more sets. 3x8 does not mean 24 reps, it is 8 reps, rest, 8 reps, rest, 8 reps.


Why to Eat it: Protein

  • Builds and repairs muscle
  • More protein equals faster muscle gains, better muscle retention, faster recovery, and
    increased energy
  • Most people only consume about 75% of their daily protein
  • Vegetarians and Vegans: You still need protein. Tempeh (Fermented Soy) is high in protein
    and contains a natural antibiotic believed to increase the bodies resistance to infections. We urge you to contact us for specifics about the effects of soy.

Top Sources of Protein

  • Whole eggs
  • Lean meats, poultry, and game
  • Fatty fish
  • Fermented soy

Daily Servings

  • Serving Size = 1 Palm (30g)
  • .08-1g per lb of bodyweight
  • 1-2 servings per meal
  • Athletes: take 30-60g per meal
    Females: take less
  • Over 200 lbs: take more


Get a Workout Partner

  • Find someone who is close to your level or even slightly better.
  • You will be more accountable to each other than just yourself.
  • You can spot each other for safety and to challenge each other to push beyond your comfort zone.
  • Having a workout partner is much more fun and social than going it alone. If you prefer to workout alone, that's fine too, but you won't likely reach your full potential on your own.


Neutral Spine Position

The most important lesson to learn and the one I spend most of my time coaching beginners on is keeping a neutral spine when lifting. As complex as the spine is, I will save a detailed lesson on the spine for another time.

For now, know these three reasons why a neutral spine is important:

  1. Safety - take every step to protect and care for your spine.
  2. Leverage - Having a neutral or stacked spine will give you the best mechanical advantage to
    lift more. If you can lift more, you can get more fit in less time.
  3.  Safety - yes, this is the most important reason.

A neutral spine position is also the basis for the hinge, which is the movements used in deadlifts, bent rows, kb swings, jumping, and much more.

Beginner - Shortstop Position



Do 10 reps with 50% of the weight you plan on lifting. This preps the muscles, joints, and the nervous system for the movement. As you get more advanced and start lifting heavier, you will require multiple warmup sets, each set progressively heavier than the last. You do not want to fatigue the muscles, but you don't want to just jump into using a heavy load either.


Take Before/After Photos

For your eyes only or share if you like so others can be inspired by your progress. Before and after photos will keep you motivated and proud of your progress. The changes in our body can be so subtle we don’t even realize they’re happening. Take before and after photos, as often as you like, but at least once a month.

  • Front
  • Side
  • Back


  • Wear your swimsuit
  • Frame from the knees up
  • Take once per month
  • Compare side-by-side with prior photos


Do a workout from one of the training programs provided or choose your own. It is recommended you start with a Day 1 Week 1 workout.