Is Knowledge The Problem?

You have the knowledge, but you lack the strategy.

“Knowledge is not power, knowledge is a potential power.”

The number one red flag I spot for people who aren’t achieving their goals and need the most help is when they say, “I already know what to do.” The joke is, if they knew enough, it would be working.

I don’t blame anyone for being like this because it took me decades to learn this lesson myself, but “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When I was ready, I started hiring coaches to teach me.

Having a coach is something you’ll find the most successful people have in common. However, people avoid hiring a coach because they believe they already have the knowledge to achieve what they want. Others will say it’s money, but it’s not that, otherwise, they’d hire a cheaper coach. 

For the most part, we do have the knowledge. What we actually lack is guidance, accountability, and, more importantly, strategies to apply that knowledge. Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power. In other words, knowledge is only useful when applied correctly.

If anything, we have too much knowledge, which makes us indecisive, easily distracted, and unable to stick with any one thing. Inevitably, some obscure piece of knowledge sneaks its way into our lives, captures more of our attention, and leads us further away from our goals. The things I hear highly intelligent people trying when it comes to diet and exercise still shock me (I’ve tried some silly things in my life, too). What these things all have in common is they seem new and innovative, are some form of extreme, and don’t last long-term.

What’s more fascinating to me, and no coincidence, is that the people with coaches hold the highest level of knowledge and could even pass as experts themselves. They succeed because they realize the value of having a coach.

“A coach is somebody who tries to see you accurately, and then help you close the distance between your current self and your best self.” – Adam Grant

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