Renpho Smart Scale


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Getting my weight and body fat percentage is another measurement I like for tracking progress. I’ve been using this scale since 2018. It has lasted me all this time, and Renpho has made upgrades since then, so newer models are even better.

I like the app a lot too. Although the app gives tons of other metrics, I am only interested in weight and body fat.

I am looking for trends. Seeing changes in my body fat tells me if I’m not exercising enough or overeating/undereating. It all depends on your goal on how you use the data.

It connects via Bluetooth and gives me immediate access to my data from the scale. No connectivity issues or anything. You can take your weight without the app, but you need the app to see all of the other metrics.

Is it accurate? Compared to other methods for measuring body fat, it’s close enough. I look for trends, changes over time, and those changes are accurate on this scale.