Feel fit, confident, and resilient.

Modern Athletics is on a mission to coach people to feel their best every day and succeed in life by prioritizing their mental and physical fitness. We believe in a world where people are empowered by fitness to feel confident in themselves, grow athletically and intellectually, and have an excitement for life that inspires others.

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Strength Training Basics covers the most important principles to follow in order to get strong and stay strong, whether you are new to lifting or an experienced lifter.

Fitness Education

Learn how to reach your full potential to look, feel, and perform your best in life or sport.

Foundations Course

Learn how to become more fit in less time. This is a detailed course covering the key principles that anyone who trains needs to know.

Myofascial Rolling Guide

Learn the purpose and effective use of foam rollers, massage sticks, massage balls, percussion massage guns, and other massage techniques.

Equipment Guide

Learn what equipment to buy, how to use it, along with workouts to do.

Why You Should Choose Us


We bring you the same level of service available to collegiate and professional athletes. Here, we treat you like a star athlete (and we’ll keep your ego in check). You’ll have a Coach that believes in you and has your best interests in mind.


We filter and get you the information that's right for you. We want you to know why you're doing something. You should have the knowledge to be able to operate independently of us.

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We’ll get you to ask questions you never asked before. New questions mean new answers.


Not only do we educate our members, but the learning never stops for us. Have a look at our growing list of credentials.

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Strength for All

Personal Training

Work directly with a coach for maximum accountability and feedback. Train in-person 1-on-1 or Semi-Private in a group of 2 people.

Workouts & Programs

Training on your own? You can access a full library of our workouts. We have workouts suitable for any skill level, designed primarily for increasing strength, muscle, and improving your physical capabilities.

Online Coaching

Get a custom training program. Having a plan customized to you allows you to control the outcome in advance. No more guessing or hoping. Thru intelligent exercise selection, we ensure you get better results in less time while staying pain-free.

Virtual Training

I wish we were neighbors, but you can still train with us from anywhere in the world thru Zoom. We offer virtual 1-on-1, semi-private, and group training. If we can see you, we can coach.

Our Approach

Our training methods focus primarily on resistance training. From a pure science standpoint, there's no better way to build muscle, burn fat, prevent injury, and boost sports performance.

We take a habit-based, scientifically-proven approach to fitness that is personalized for each person we coach.

Our system incorporates strength, athletic performance, and nutrition practices for your mind and body and shows you how to live a fitness-forward lifestyle that is intelligent, sustainable, and results in steady improvement.

Ultimately, we train you to get stronger and enjoy fitness so you can feel great about yourself. Is there a better feeling than that?

Fitness for the Athlete in All of Us

We believe there's an athlete in everyone, even if you've never considered yourself athletic. An athlete is confident in themselves and their abilities, they have a healthy physique, they're part of a supportive team, they have coaches, and they have a strong body and a positive mindset. They also have fun playing, and fitness should be fun if you want it to last.

We coach you to be an athlete, then we coach you to be a better athlete, and not just an athlete for a season, but an athlete for life.

We Coach. You Succeed.

Modern Athletics is a coaching-based fitness system that enables you to do more inside and outside the gym.

Behind everything you do at Modern Athletics is a coach to guide you, challenge you, and teach you the habits and skills needed to get the results you desire.

Dustin Hassard | Strength Coach, LMT, CES

“For me, the purpose of training is to improve our quality of life. That's a great power we all possess. I can say that without a doubt, training smartly in the gym will improve your life outside of the gym. And shouldn't that be the point?”


"I have had the good fortune of working with several exceptional trainers over the last 20 years, but Dustin stands out as the best. I was looking for a trainer that could appreciate the type of training I wanted to be able to continue to ski, whitewater kayak and hike at a high level. He listened to my goals, evaluated my experience and right away put me on a program that challenged and taught me. He is truly a student of human performance, and his passion for understanding both the mechanics of the body and how to best train it was very clear to me right away. I appreciate his knowledge not only in training, but also massage therapy and anatomy, he was always teaching me something new. He emphasized tracking workouts, and always pushing up in weight or reps. Tracking my progress and having the data to see how I have improved over time has been amazing. I have been working with Dustin for close to a year, and I can confidently say that I feel the strongest, most flexible and ready to pursue whatever adventure I dream up after working with him. I look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come, and excited for the next level of fitness and training."

Alicia S

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