LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine




Sound Sleep with Sleep Sound

If you’re a light sleeper like me, it’s great knowing that nobody will ever sneak up on you. The downside is that you wake up to the sound of dust falling. Even if you’re a deep sleeper, who knows how much your sleep is interrupted by noises you aren’t even conscious of.

After many failed efforts to use earplugs, fans, white noise, apps with fake ocean waves, thunderstorms, and campfires, I found something that finally works.

Introducing the greatest thing I’ve ever owned for my sleep, the LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine. It saved me from noisy neighbors. It saved me on a ship full of noisy sailors and helicopters. It saved me from killing people who snore (I guess it saved them too). It travels with me everywhere, and noise has never been a problem since. I use the simulated fan noises, which, unlike a real fan, doesn’t blow air on me and make me cold. They also happen to have excellent customer service. I’ve been using mine since 2020.