Class Schedule


6pm - TFW Strength


7am - TFW Strength
6pm - TFW Conditioning


7am - TFW Conditioning


6pm - TFW Conditioning


7am - TFW Strength


9am - TFW Strength

For schedule changes due to weather, holidays, etc., see our Facebook page.

Class Descriptions

Training for Warriors

New Members & Drop-Ins

To ensure the safest, highest quality of training and results, every member who trains at our gym first receives a 1-on-1 assessment. Some of our classes are more technically demanding and require some introductory lessons. This is to learn proper form, allow your body to adapt any new stresses placed on it, and to introduce you to our training system. It also allows a coach to get to know your individual goals, strengths, and challenges, then create a plan to specifically address your needs.

To get started, schedule your free strategy session.