Posture and Movement Optimization

Assessment, Report, and Movement Strategies

In our experience, the most common source of pain, injury, and performance limitations are posture and movement imbalances. 

When imbalances are identified, you can train your body to move the way the body prefers. The result is restored muscular balance, increased joint range of motion and stability, reduced pain, improved movement efficiency, and better athletic performance and recovery.

Posture is affected by our daily habits, conscious or automatic, work, sitting, standing, driving, sleep, current or previous injuries, exercise, and more. We all have imbalances, some have existed for much of our lifetime, but we have solutions to counteract these unavoidable daily habits and improve how you move and feel.

We believe this is the most important step you can take to feel and perform your best.


  • Assessment (In-Person or Virtual) and Report
  • Custom Corrective Exercise Program
  • Custom Corrective Exercise Program and Training Program
  • Mobility Library

Assessment + Report

The posture and movement assessment is designed to identify muscular imbalances, joint limitations, and dominant traits of the body during static positions and movement and to see how the body responds under load.

  • Static Posture
  • Movement Assessments
  • Performance Assessments
  • Mobility Assessments

You'll receive a detailed visual report with our assessment findings and recommended strategies.

Information form assessments are incorporated into every training and massage session with us. We also encourage you to share it with all health and fitness professionals you work with.


Corrective Exercise Program

Think of it as a movement strategy, an individualized selection of exercises to train your body to move the way the body prefers.

A corrective exercise program can restore muscular balance, increase joint range of motion and stability, reduce pain, and improve movement efficiency and athletic performance. Corrective exercises also prepare the body for work and help it recover from work.

A corrective exercise program can be incorporated into training and daily routines to optimize how the body moves. You'll receive a custom program of movement strategies to perform 3-5 days a week. The recommended time to spend is 15 minutes per session, but it can still be effective with as little as 5 minutes a day.

A corrective program will include specifics on:

  • Muscle groups to target for myofascial rolling
  • Muscles to stretch
  • Muscles to activate
  • Exercises to reinforce optimal movement habits
  • Progress tracking (we only focus on what works)

>>> Before you start a program, book an assessment.

Mobility Library

The assessment report will highlight areas to focus on and direct you to relative information in the mobility library. The mobility library has exercises, warmups, and routines to address specific joints and common imbalances and ways to improve overall movement.

>>> View Mobility Library