How to Hinge

Here’s a video to teach you how to Hip Hinge and keep a neutral spine during exercise. Ok, I think I’ve said Hip Hinge enough times that you’ll remember it forever (right?).

Wait, what’s this you say about a neutral spine?

Ok, I’m going to let you in on what we’re really here to learn, keeping a neutral spine position. A neutral spine means the three natural curves are present, ensuring a healthy spine. Think a good, tall posture. Keeping a neutral spine is essential when lifting weights. It will be necessary for your deadlifts, squats, rows, push-ups, planks, presses…actually, there are very few exceptions to the rule of keeping a neutral spine at all times. I could name them all on one hand, but I won’t.

Being able to keep a neutral spine position is essential in order to 1) protect the spine from injury and 2) provide the best leverage for lifting by stacking the spine (stacking the vertebrae). What you’re going to learn is that the hips are connected to the spine and the hips are what you really should be controlling the spine with.

Here’s how to do that…don’t worry, you’re going to learn the hinge as promised. I’m glad you’re excited and I appreciate your enthusiasm about the hinge.

Feel free to take a video or photo of your hinge and post it on our Private Facebook Group for a form review.

PVC Pipe, Stick (even a broom stick will work)

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