Resistance Bands Guide

Resistance Bands

Cost: Inexpensive $10-$35 each

Great for bodyweight exercises, warmups, stretching, assisted pull-ups, travel, adding or lowering resistance on other exercises, and so much more. AKA superbands. Resistance bands can provide resistance in many exercises or assistance in exercises like pull ups. Resistance varies between bands and changes based on length, anchor point, and how you grip it. Bands are also an affordable alternative to cable machine exercises. Advanced lifters will find them useful accessories for many barbell exercises.

Mini Bands

Good for warmup, rehab, and isolated muscle activation.

Resistance Tubes

I prefer bands, but tubes can still be useful. See below for comparing the two.

Resistance Bands vs. Resistance Tubes Comparison

Resistance Bands

  • My preference
  • Greater resistance
  • For maximum strength gains
  • Ideal for lower body
  • Used for pull up progressions
  • Handle attachments (separate)
  • Door or wall anchors (separate)
  • More durable (less likely to break)

Resistance Tubes

  • Less resistance, but easier to combine
  • For beginner strength gains
  • Good for physical therapy exercises
  • Ideal for upper body
  • Small package
  • Less expensive
  • Comfortable handles
  • Includes accessories like door anchors
  • Less durable (break easier)

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