BW Total Body 11


  • A warmup is always recommended regardless of workout difficulty.
  • Perform for time (recommended for circuits) or reps, whatever you prefer.
  • Repeat each block for 3 sets/rounds.
  • For exercises that switch left and right, you can perform each side for the full time or reps, switch half way, or alternate sides. Make it reasonably challenging.

Beginner - 20-30s, rest 30s
Intermediate - 40s, rest 20s
Advanced - 60s, rest 0-15s

Beginner - x10
Intermediate - x15
Advanced - x20


Block A
Jumping Jacks
Low Plank w/ Leg Lift
Cross-legged Toe Touch

Block B
Split Squat
BW Plank Row
Childs Pose

Block C
Lateral Lunge
Dive Bomber Push-up
Bear Crawl

Core Finisher - Plank Series 1

  1. Plank on Hands
  2. Plank on Hands - Arm Lift Hold
  3. Plank on Hands - Leg Lift Hold
  4. Plank on Hands - Knee Crossover Hold
  5. Plank on Hands - Knee to Elbow Hold
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