Workouts are organized by Equipment Levels and can be modified by what you have.

Tier 3

Modern Workouts

No limitations. Put all of your gym toys to use.

Equipment Level: Strong, Modern

Equipment: Standard equipment plus barbells, racks, cable machines, plyo boxes, sandbags, basically everything.

Standard Workouts

Ideal for home and hotel gyms.

Equipment Level: Light, Medium, Heavy

Equipment: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, TRX, Pull Up Bar, Bench/Adjustable Bench
Optional: Trap/Hex Bar, Resistance Bands

Dumbbell Workouts

Equipment: Dumbbells
Optional: Bench/Adjustable bench

Kettlebell Workouts

Equipment: Light to Medium Kettlebells
Optional: Heavy Kettlebells

Band Workouts

Equipment: Light to Heavy Resistance Bands


Abs, Conditioning, and Bodybuilding Finishers.

Add these exercises for an extra challenge to any workout.

Running Workouts

Short Distance Intervals

Optional: Foam Roller, Massage Tools

Equipment Levels

Equipment levels make selecting a workout or training program easier based on your equipment. This equipment is what is suggested. You don't require everything on the list because every exercise can be substituted with different exercises or equipment. This is scalable; each level adds more equipment and is listed by priority.

  • Light - Foam Roller; Kettlebells; Dumbbells; Resistance Bands (and Door Anchor); Stability Ball; ValSlides
  • Medium - Slam Ball; Soft Toss Medicine Ball; TRX, Rings, or Suspension Trainer; Pull Up Bar; Adjustable Bench
  • Heavy - Trap Bar; Bumper Plates
  • Strong - Barbell; Rack; Plyo Boxes
  • Modern - Sandbags; Cable Machines; Sled
  • Extras - Squat Wedge; Mini Bands; Massage Ball; Slideboard; RIP Trainer; Agility Ladder; Jump Rope; Ab Wheel; Hurdles; Equalizer; Bosu Ball
  • Conditioning - Battle Rope or Inertia Wave; Assault Bike
    Versa Climber; Rower
  • Travel - Foam Roller; Resistance Bands (and Door Anchor); ValSlides; TRX, Rings, or Suspension Trainer; Sandbags (with Water Filler); Jump Rope; Inertia Wave

See our Equipment Guide to learn more or view our product recommendations.