All About Milk

A student of mine and I were discussing milk. He had mentioned he was apprehensive about drinking milk because someone had mentioned that it’s strange we are the only species to drink the milk of another animal. I didn’t know enough to offer an argument so I did some research.

I love milk and would drink about a gallon a day it seemed, but several years ago, before my career in fitness even, I was convinced to stop drinking it. I only recently added it back to my diet and wondered how and why I ever gave it up. Drinking milk or not drinking milk seemed to have no effect on my health. I had given up something I enjoyed without really making a well-informed decision.

Is milk good or bad for you?

Even after researching it, I really can’t say with complete conviction if you should drink milk or not. There are many considerations for each person to make when deciding. Whatever you’ve been told or read, it’s important to get all the facts and decide for yourself. Here’s an article with everything you could ever want to know about milk:

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