Personal Training

You have made a great decision to improve your health and performance thru personal training. You already realize that being fit takes more than just exercise or dieting. Although there is a science to fitness, every body is different and no single training method or diet applies to all.

Make Fitness a Habit

As a nationally certified personal trainer in New York City, I’m going to introduce you to your body and the way it was meant to be used. In addition to my personal training services, I will educate you on how to live your life with fitness as a priority and enjoy doing it. You don’t have to be an athlete, fitness fanatic or a personal trainer for this to happen. Live your life the way you do now, but find the time to take care of yourself. What you’ll realize is that as you make fitness a part of your daily life, everything else falls into place. You’ll have more energy, be more focused, look better, feel better, move better, live happier…the benefits are vast. If you don’t want any of this, then get out of here you weirdo 🙂

Perhaps you have attempted to make fitness a regular part of your life before with little or no success. Maybe you lasted years, months, weeks or only a day then lost your motivation or got sidetracked. It happens to all of us. You still want it though and that will never change. You’ll always have that lingering thought of wanting to be healthier and in shape. Realize that. From this point on there are two possible outcomes: 1) start living a fit & healthy life now or 2) always wonder where you’d be if you did start the day you came to my web site.

We each have different genetics, different body types, different strengths, different lifestyles, different goals, different levels of motivation. Being fit requires a thorough understanding of your own body and for most, getting results can be frustrating and discouraging to the point of giving up entirely. You’re not someone who gives up. I will train you to reconnect with your body, to identify what your body needs, and how to use your body to be as fit as you want. I’m not just training you for a session, I’m training you to be fit for your lifetime and above all, ENJOY IT!

Train to be Fit

Being fit is having strength, flexibility, endurance and the ability to move well throughout your entire body, not just specific areas, but every muscle and joint. If you train to be fit, you will look your best, you will feel your best, and you’ll find that every aspect of your life improves, not only your physical appearance.

Training Style

Top athletes, people who’ve trained hard their entire life and are experts in fitness, all have trainers. Whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, you’re going to train like one. With thousands of exercises and combinations at our disposal, workouts are designed to be fun + effective. My training philosophy is “Maximum Results, Minimum Effort”. This means time is spent on doing exercises that are best for you and will get you results the fastest, without overdoing it. Some of the training methods that may be incorporated into your program include Kettlebells, Olympic Weightlifting, Suspension Cables (TRX, JGXT), Plyometrics, Sandbags, ViPR, Running Technique (Gait, Stride, Cadence), Sports Drills, Martial Arts, and so much more.

Training Components

Your training will incorporate all of the following:

  • Strength + Power
  • Definition (Fat Loss)
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance (Muscular + Cardiovascular)
  • Movement + Coordination
  • Speed, Agility, + Balance
  • Corrective (Injuries, Pain, + Limiting Factors)
  • Nutrition

Customized Training Program

Pre-made workouts or group fitness classes can be fun and effective, but they don’t address your individual needs. You’ll be trained following a detailed workout program with exercises specific to your body and your goals. Each program is different for every client so you’ll never be given a generic workout. Each workout will vary in one way or another, and progress is strictly tracked to ensure we’re getting the results you want. At any point during your program we can identify areas that need more or less focus and accommodate specific needs that may arise. As part of your program success, I assign tasks (fitness + nutrition homework) to be completed in addition to our sessions.

Train Smart

What you do outside of our sessions is a major factor in your fitness. No matter how often you train, it’s a relatively small percentage of your time. If you trained 5 days a week for an hour, that’s only 3% of your time, leaving 97% without me and on your own. Well you’re not on your own because I do more than make you work, I want you to learn so that you are in control for that 97%. I want you to know why you’re doing something and how YOU should do it, with or without me. I am available by text, phone, email or in person to answer any questions about fitness. I can talk forever about fitness, so never hesitate to ask…or tell me to shut it!