You could argue that there are some health benefits to drinking alcohol, both to the body and the mind, but excessive alcohol consumption is a big contributor to weight gain, losing motivation, and limiting performance, so drink in moderation or not at all. As a wine lover, I’m certainly not saying you can’t drink alcohol, just know and recognize the effects it has on you.

What are the effects of alcohol?

  • Your body treats it like a high-carb diet
  • Spikes your insulin levels (increased fat storage)
  • Body has to burn alcohol before anything else, limiting the ability to use fat for energy or metabolize foods
  • Decreases the use of glucose and amino acids in your skeletal muscles, inhibiting muscle growth
  • A central nervous system depressant, thus decreasing power and strength performance
  • Lowers testosterone levels
  • Sleep suffers. You may be unconscious, but you’re body is not resting. Results happen during rest when the body can recover and repair muscle, so poor sleep can seriously negate the positive effects of a good workout.
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