Personal Training in Hudson, NY

Private and Group Training, in-home or outdoors, available in Hudson and Columbia County.

Through fun, yet challenging, strength and conditioning training sessions, you will achieve results in the quickest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way. Modern Athletics provides more than just a great workout, we educate you on what to do, how to do it, and why, ensuring that you're always improving and performing better.

Lose Fat

Build Muscle

Feel Great

We spend our time between Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Hudson, New York, taking in the best that each has to offer.


Dustin Hassard, Coach

Dustin shares his endless passion for the art and sciences of the human body combined with the love of coaching people to move better, look their best and feel great every day.


Lindsey K Yacobush, Coach

A modem dancer turned personal trainer & fitness enthusiast. Lindsey has an unmatched ability to connect with people. Her passion for food leads to a deep understanding of nutrition.

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