Take the Weekly Health Quiz

Are you exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping enough? Check in and see how you're doing for the week.

Complete answers for all 7 Days.

This quiz will give you an idea of how your daily and weekly habits are impacting your health. This is not meant as a substitute for medical advice, but as a way to assess your health from time to time.

This health quiz is what we consider healthy habits for weekly exercise, nutrition, and sleep. The criteria we have set is based on our years of personal and professional experience with proven results combined with scientific research and opinions of the most respected experts in the industry. We have set the standards higher than what most people think is healthy, so this could be a reality check for some.

What's eating healthy?

  • No Processed Foods
  • No Alchohol
  • No Overeating (beyond full)
  • No Soda
  • No Junk Food (Chips, Cookies, etc.)
  • If you have to ask, it's probably not healthy.

The Obesity Epidemic

"No reasonable person chooses to be unhealthy, but you have to choose to be healthy."

The rate of obesity and related diseases is growing. Health in America is on such a decline, that the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has listed obesity as an epidemic. Obesity even exists among people who are considered skinny, meaning that health goes far beyond just physical appearance. Another word for epidemic is outbreak, which is a scary word often associated with infected. Use this quiz and make sure you aren't infected by obesity. We use the word infected because unaware by most, processed foods and misleading information about diet and exercise has created a booming industry that has infected our bodies and our minds with unhealthiness disguised as healthy, a wolf in sheep's clothing (no offense to wolves).