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Help is always available. Comment or message me through the app. However, if you have questions, you are encouraged to ask on the Facebook Group.

We promote community support so we can all learn and grow from each other. These are your teammates. More than likely, you have a question that others have too. Don’t be shy. If you want to keep it private, message me through the app or email me.


Exercise Videos

Once you start a workout, click the thumbnail of any exercise to see the video.



For any unilateral exercise (single-leg, single-arm, left, right), reps are per side unless listed otherwise. If an exercise is too easy for the weight you have, you can increase the reps or change the tempo (fast or slow).


Choosing Resistance (Weight Selection)

It’s important to choose a weight that is challenging for the prescribed reps. Simply put, as reps go down, weight goes up. More reps, less weight. Choose a load that allows you to have 1-2 reps left in the tank. If reps have increased from the prior week, you can do the same weight as last time. To maximize strength gains, go heavier when able. Alternative: For the first week of a program, I like to do a light, medium, and heavy set. If you have done the exercise in the past, you can use that prior number as a starting point.


Exercise Options

  • Exercise Option 1 - Default
  • Exercise Option 2 - Progression (Harder)
  • Exercise Option 3 - Modification (Easier or Equipment Alternative)

Every exercise has up to 3 options; option 1) a default, option 2) a progression (more advanced), and option 3) a modification. Some options require more skill, some are equipment substitutions, and sometimes you feel like doing something different. They all mostly accomplish the same thing.


Swapping Exercises

(Optional) If you need to change the default exercise, click the "..." and choose "swap exercise" or make a note of which version you did in the comments. You can sub any exercise you want, but each is selected for a balanced program.

TrainHeroic: How to swap or add exercises


Always Something

Don't aim for all or nothing, aim for always something.

Whatever time you have is good. Don't feel like you need to do the entire workout. If you don't get through everything, no problem. The exercises go in order of highest priority to lowest priority. The latter portion of the workout is for bodybuilding, abs, and conditioning. It's ok to jump around the workout and choose only the exercises you want, they all have benefits.


Tips Beyond Exercise

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