Lesson 6 – What’s Next

First, Take the Quiz

To demonstrate your understanding of this course, please take the quiz.

Next, Master the Squat and The Hinge

Master the two fundamental movements, The Squat and The Hinge, and you’ll be ready to learn more advanced progressions of the Squat, Deadlift, Kettlebell Swing, Row, and more. Again, post videos on our Private Facebook Group of you doing these exercises and I can coach you on some tips for improvement. You may also contact us.

Join our Private Facebook Group

Speaking of our Private Facebook Group, be sure to join this community of fitness enthusiasts so you can get exclusive access to training tips, nutrition, workouts, and any knowledge of fitness you seek.

Until next time, keep getting stronger, move often, do what you know is right and you’ll feel good every day.

Dustin Hassard

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