Lesson 1 – Three Unbreakable Rules in Training

  1. Form First – Exercise is a skill, especially weight training. It takes practice. Take the time to learn and do each exercise and each rep correctly and you’ll get a lot more out of it. I’ll teach you the correct form and it doesn’t need to be hard to be effective. Once you have built a foundation, we can increase the intensity.
  2. Pain-free Movement – If anything hurts, even slightly, or feels wrong, don’t do it and we’ll find a variation. Let me know if you experience any pain. If we train in pain, we’ll get more pain in return.
  3. Consistency Beats Intensity – Good results happen by training more frequently over training more intensely. A lazy workout is better than no workout so even if you have to cut your workout short, are tired, or don’t feel like working out, try to make a habit of exercising regularly (4x/week or more).

In summary,

  1. Form First
  2. Pain-free Movement
  3. Consistency Beats Intensity

Speaking of form, our next lesson covers the top 2 fundamental movements and how to do them properly.

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