Join the Facebook Group

We encourage community support thru our Private Facebook Group. If you don't use Facebook, no worries. There are plenty of options for getting support.

Log in to Facebook and click the "Join Group" button. If you haven't been added already, your coach will approve your request.

About the Facebook Group


Any questions or feedback you have about fitness, I will provide or find you the answer. Perhaps you want me to review your form, get some nutrition tips, or you have a recommendation. If it's something you want to keep private, we can communicate outside of the group.


The knowledge and support of many are far more powerful than what I can provide alone as a coach. The same questions or challenges you face, someone else has too. Maybe it's you who has the answer. Just as athletes have teammates, this community will serve as your teammates so we can learn, teach, and grow together.


I'll post videos, lessons, and resources not available elsewhere.

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