The Nutrition Edit – Working Out for Metabolic Health

My guest today was Dustin Hassard, owner of Modern Athletics. Dustin is a strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist who enjoys teaching people how to build strength so they can meet the demands of life or sport, live PainFREE, and optimize their health regardless of age. He believes if we prioritize fitness, we can improve all aspects of our lives.

Today, we’ll talk about the amazing benefits of weight training, and not just for increasing strength in muscle mass, but for increasing longevity and metabolism and even improving mental health. And don't worry, you don't have to become a gym rat to reap the benefits.

Both of us have found that because we started our health and fitness journeys later in life, we relate to our clients more. It’s harder to relate to someone who is struggling if you have never struggled yourself. The misconceptions about strength training often get in the way as well. Lifting weights doesn’t have to be about body building, but so often that’s the perception. Strength goals vary from person to person, but there is strong evidence that increased muscle mass can slow down many processes that we consider normal aging.

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