Foam Rolling and Massage
Mobility Exercises

Flow 1

Guided Video Warmup


A smooth warmup prior to workout. Also effective for improving mobility.

Duration: 5 minutes.

This originates from Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.

Do 3 reps each.

Half Lotus (Stay Square, No Rotation)
Toe Sit
Heal Sit
6-Point Position – Neck Rotation (ROM, not stretch)
6-Point Position – Chin Tuck (ROM, not stretch)
Down Dog
Spiderman – Left Hip Distraction
Spiderman – Left Hip Rotation
Spiderman – Right Hip Distraction
Spiderman – Right Hip Rotation
Spiderman – Left Hip Thoracic
Spiderman – Right Hip T-Spine Rotation
Spiderman to Rotational Squat
V Stance (Walk hands back)
V Stance T-Spine Rotation
Alt Lateral Squats
Half-Kneeling Adductor Rocks
Yoga Table (Belly In at Top)
Squat Iso to Elbow Distraction to Rock Side-to-Side
Toe Touch Squat
Egg Roll

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