Simple Fitness Solutions


  • Lose fat and get a six pack by eating right.
  • Build muscle and strength by lifting weights.
  • Gain flexibility by moving more often in a full range of motion.
  • If you’re in pain or injured, stop doing what hurts and see a professional.
  • If you’re tired, sleep more.
  • To be better at anything, practice often.
  • Have a plan.
  • Learn from an expert and teach it to someone else.

If you want to lose fat…

Eat right.

Focus on your diet. Eat higher quality food. You can’t out train your fork.

If you want a six pack…

See “If you want to lose fat…” above.

Do you really, though? Do you really want to do what it takes? Really?

If you want to gain muscle…

Lift weights. Often. Eat more. Often.

Gaining muscle is one of the hardest things you can train for. There is no shortcut or half efforts. NO, you don’t put on muscle easily…that’s probably fat you’re thinking of.

If you want to be strong…

Lift heavy. We recommend you make this one a priority. It will support and contribute to all of your other goals…unless your goal is to not be strong.

If you want to be more flexible…

Learn what mobility and stability are. Then learn anatomy. Then learn biomechanics. Then…ok, you get it. Our point is, maybe you don’t need to be more flexible, maybe you do, and maybe you want to no matter what.

Start first by moving more often, within your full range of motion, and with perfect form.

If you’re in pain or injured…

Stop doing what hurts.

When has ignoring a problem ever worked? Something more serious could be one rep away. Figure out what the problem is, address it, fix your form, slow down, go lighter, or see a professional. All of the above could be necessary. It’s going to be ok. You have a lifetime ahead of you. This is just a blip unless you let it get bigger.

If you’re tired…

Sleep more.

8 hours or more of quality sleep is probably best. No, it’s not a skill to get by on less sleep, you aren’t super human and you’re missing out on some key benefits of sleep. It is, however, a skill if you can manage your time to allow this much sleep. Keep practicing.

If you want to be better at something…

Do that thing more. Practice. Often.

If you want any or all of the above…

You need a plan. And you need a coach (we know someone).

Athletes have coaches. Coaches have coaches. Trainers have trainers.

If you want to learn more…

Ask an expert, then teach it to someone.

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