Strength Training Basics

Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes per lesson.

Course Summary

  1. The Mission - The root of everything we do.
  2. Exercise Principles  - What matters most in exercise.
  3. Movements Over Muscles - The modern approach to training muscles.
  4. Cardio vs. Core vs. Strength Training - Common misconceptions about cardio and core training and the benefits of strength training.
  5. Workout Frequency and Duration: - Type of workouts to do and how often to schedule them.
  6. How To Read Programs - Understanding Sets, Reps, Blocks, etc.
  7. Workload - How reps, weight, and rest affect exercise and how to select the appropriate weight.
  8. Equipment - What you need and how to substitute equipment.
  9. Exercise Progressions and Modifications - Altering workouts when needed.
  10. Warmups, Mobility, and Stretching - What mobility is, improving flexibility, and why warmups are essential.
  11. Tracking Progress - Programs vs. workouts and ensuring you achieve the desired results.
  12. Components of Fitness - How we define fitness.
  13. Simple Fitness Solutions - Straightforward answers to what it takes to achieve some common goals.
  14. Where to Begin - Our library of programs, workouts, exercises, and more.
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