The Beginner’s Guide to Strength & Fat Loss

This plan is ideal for anyone who is new to exercise, a beginner weightlifter, or someone who hasn’t worked out in a while. The workouts cover all of the basic and most important movements. Benefits include fat loss, building lean muscle mass, increasing strength, improving joint mobility & stability, and more. These are the foundation for any health, fitness, or performance-based goal. Although this plan is designed for beginners, it can be scaled to any level of fitness. You could even repeat this plan multiple times.


  • Free for everyone
  • 25 Pages
  • Fitness & Nutrition Basics
  • Exercise Videos
  • 2-3 workouts/week
  • 4 weeks
  • 11 total workouts
  • About 30 minutes each (that’s under 6 hours for the month)

I hope you find this guide helpful. Feel free to send me any questions or feedback.

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