Build strength, improve athletic performance, and live injury-free at any age.


This book is a must-read for adults who play a sport or other physical activity.

What If You Could:

  • Get Stronger, Faster

  • Play Your Sport Better

  • Reduce Injuries

  • Stay Active for the Rest of Your Life

  • Never Plateau

"I highly recommend Dustin, whether you are a competitive athlete, you want to be more healthy in general, fit in your clothes better, or don't want to fall over, break a hip and die!"

Tanya W - Runner

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tanya w barbell bent over row

Do You Know?

  1. Which 8 movements should every training program include?
  2. What order should you do exercises in?
  3. What’s the difference between doing 6 reps and 20 reps and how do you know what weight to choose?
  4. What's the difference between a squat and a hinge?
  5. How many days should you train?

What is Strength Training Basics?

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Strength is the foundation of everything physical you do. I’m not shy of saying strength is an essential quality EVERYONE MUST TRAIN. Yet, few people do or know how to do it right.

Strength Training Basics is the most important principles to follow so you can get strong and stay strong, whether you are new to lifting or an experienced lifter.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 70 of the Best Exercises You Can Do
  • Mobility, Warmups, and Cool Downs
  • How to Build Muscle Faster
  • How to Avoid Plateaus
  • What to Do with Pain During Exercise
  • Top 10 Fundamentals of Training
  • How to Prioritize Your Workouts
  • How to Prioritize Your Exercises
  • Keys to Fitness Success
  • Proper Form
  • Exercise Progressions and Regressions

Training Programs

  • Beginner 4-Week Program

  • Advanced 4-Week Program

  • 5 Workouts per Week

    Improve with only 2 workouts per week

  • 10 Different Training Schedules

    2-Day to 6-Day

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Videos for Every Exercise

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The Benefits of Strength Training

  • Build or Maintain Muscle Mass (Prevent Muscle Loss)
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Improve Metabolic Health
  • Increase Bone Mineral Density (Prevent Bone Loss)
  • Injury Resistance
  • Joint Health and Joint Stability
  • Heart Health
  • Athletic Performance
  • Increase Work Capacity
  • More Energy, Confidence, and Focus
  • Better Results in Less Time

If even one of these benefits appeals to you, then strength training will be worth practicing.



Performance Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist

"For me, the purpose of training is to improve our quality of life. That's a great power we all possess. I can say that without a doubt, training smartly in the gym will improve your life outside of the gym. And shouldn't that be the point?"

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  • Coaching since 2011
  • Former Weight Training Instructor at Washington State University
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
  • Licensed Massage Therapist (WA)
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • USAW L1
  • FMS L1
  • TRX L1
  • Training for Warriors L2
  • Certified Nice Person
  • And dozens more certifications.

Steven J - Triathlete

"Before working with Dustin, I had never appreciated how much strength training could improve my cycling and triathlon performance. Dustin’s individualized training sessions are focused and achieve results."

Alicia S - Adventure Athlete

"I have had the good fortune of working with several exceptional trainers over the last 20 years, but Dustin stands out as the best. I was looking for a trainer that could appreciate the type of training I wanted to be able to continue to ski, whitewater kayak and hike at a high level. He listened to my goals, evaluated my experience and right away put me on a program that challenged and taught me. He is truly a student of human performance, and his passion for understanding both the mechanics of the body and how to best train it was very clear to me right away. I appreciate his knowledge not only in training, but also massage therapy and anatomy, he was always teaching me something new. He emphasized tracking workouts, and always pushing up in weight or reps. Tracking my progress and having the data to see how I have improved over time has been amazing. I have been working with Dustin for close to a year, and I can confidently say that I feel the strongest, most flexible and ready to pursue whatever adventure I dream up after working with him. I look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come, and excited for the next level of fitness and training."

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Tina T - Personal Trainer

"Trainer with a trainer? Naturally, I will be a lot more selective about who I train with since it’s what I do. I picked Dustin because of how he trained his female clients. I saw his programming and the shape of his clients and how he pushed them the way I wanted to be. For me, I like to lift heavy things and I like to train the same way whether I was a man or woman. Dustin expects a lot, pushes me to levels that I can do but may not try, and he has the most creative programming."

Dina A - Runner

"I was always a cardio junkie, running marathons, doing triathlons, cycling, swimming, but never lifted a weight. I told myself that weights were for men and I didn't want to bulk up and get "big". I was getting hurt a lot from my exercises, and as "fit" as I thought I was, my muscles were weak. I decided to try a training session with a personal trainer, thinking that it probably wouldn't be for me anyways, but that I'd give it a try for a couple sessions.

Dustin, my trainer, soon helped me realize that not only would weight lifting not bulk me up, but it would make me leaner while strengthening my body and mind more than any sport or activity I had ever done before. Before long I was doing squats equal to my own weight, dead lifts, swinging kettle bells, and having fun at the same time. I was shocked at what my body was capable of doing, and I started to notice a huge change in my body and my confidence. I was hooked. 3 months in I even joined a competition at my gym and beat out all the women in the group for endurance and strength. Dustin taught me how to listen to my body, and more importantly how to continually challenge it. Now over 2 years later, I am the leanest and strongest I have ever been, I have complete control of my body and I know when to push the limits. I still run almost every day, but I never skip out on the resistance and weight training anymore. My once-injured knee from a torn MCL and ACL is stronger than ever and my new strength and mental focus has helped me increase my running speed by almost 2 minutes a mile. I wouldn't have been able to do that without the strength training that I learned. Thanks to my trainer, I've learned that lifting is not just for men, but for anyone that wants a leaner and stronger body, and more importantly a stronger mind and the confidence to know that you can do anything that you put your mind to."

melinda a 1

Mel A - Yoga Teacher

"I began training with Dustin Hassard about six months ago and at this moment I can easily say I am in the best shape of my life. I had no real concrete goals; I only wanted to improve athletically and look my best. I am very picky when I work closely with someone. Dustin not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I have improved in every area: I am stronger, faster and more agile. There are many exercises I never thought I could do; now they are my favorite things (example: pull-ups) and I do them with more confidence than I ever thought I would have. I look and feel fantastic. He is always willing to alter my program based on any unexpected circumstances and has been with me every step of the way as I tackle new challenges. He brings an infectious enthusiasm for fitness to every session. I refer him with zero hesitation."


Free Lifetime Updates

Buy this book once and you’ll get free updates for life. The field of strength and conditioning is constantly improving. As we gain more knowledge you can be certain it will be updated in this book.

Beyond Great Service

I am loyal to companies who offer the best support, not only a great product. Therefore, supporting you is number one for me.

I will not fail you. My business depends on you being at your best. Your needs are most important to me, and we will do what we can to make sure you are getting what you want. Have questions? Ask. Have feedback on how I can improve? Let me know.

I will work to always improve the user experience based on member feedback and newly gained knowledge.


14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you follow any of my programs, you will get great results, but if this book doesn't interest you, I'll give you 100% of your money back. Really though, this works for everyone who does it, so if it doesn't work for you, it's because you chose not to do it. Remember, you have my support, so ask me if you get stuck or have questions.

Bonus Gifts


Bonus 1: Myofascial Rolling Guide

Myofascial Rolling (MFR) alleviates pain, restores muscular balance (posture), and reduces tension, knots, and adhesions. Learn the purpose and effective use of foam rollers, massage sticks, massage balls, percussion massage guns, and other massage techniques from a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Includes rolling programs for specific joints.


Bonus 2: Exercise Foundations Course

This course expands on what’s in the book so you can master how to become more fit in less time.


Bonus 3: Equipment Guide

Expand your home gym and learn what equipment we recommend and in what order to buy it.


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