Workout Plans

Programs are far more effective than random workouts.

Featured Plans

Custom Training Program

A personalized 4-week training program created and supported by an actual Coach. Delivered thru an app for tracking progress.

For all levels, beginner to advanced.

Modern Athlete Program

Join in on our flagship functional strength training program (updated monthly) using the TrainHeroic app.

For beginner to advanced lifters without major injuries.

Starter Programs

Simple guided programs using minimal equipment. Learn the techniques and principles of strength training that will last you a lifetime.

Foundations courses are starter programs for getting started in the gym, learning the fundamentals of building strength, introducing you to new equipment and exercises, or easing you back into working out with progressively more challenging workouts.

Kettlebell Foundations

Build long-term strength using only a few kettlebells.

For all levels, beginner to advanced.