Healthy Habits Makeover

Your Blueprint to Healthier Living

6-week healthy habits makeover

This is our most affordable option that you can start at any time! Based on 4 key concepts: HAPPY, HEALTHY, SIMPLE, HABITS, this six-week healthy habits reset helps you put a plan into motion that stacks simple yet powerful habits into your daily routine. With an emphasis on ADDING more good stuff like:

  • eating more vegetables and lean protein
  • drinking more water
  • trying some tasty new whole-food recipes
  • prioritizing some daily movement
  • getting more sleep
  • and working on building a positive and resilient mindset

…we’ll help you get back into a positive routine that’s just a bit better as the program unfolds over six weeks. No matter where you are starting from, this is designed to help you stack win after win, instead of making you feel like you’re on a diet, deprived, and trapped by all-or-nothing thinking.

Don’t let this six-week program fool you – although the habits might seem simple, they’re small yet mighty and compound on one another to help you feel energized and amazing! Our blueprint has built-in accountability with an interactive habit tracker you can access through your smartphone, letting you measure your success based on your overall consistency and commitment to keeping up your positive habits during the six weeks.

At Modern Athletics, we’re fiercely committed to helping people take the focus off the scale, and instead, make it all about the things you can control to take great care of your health: building a positive and resilient mindset, setting up a supportive environment around you, and following through with consistent healthy choices.