Get better results in less time.

The course covers the basic principles that everyone who trains should know.

We know most people just want to jump in and get going, but if you invest the time to learn these principles, you’ll get far more enjoyment and success from your training. These lessons are essential for ensuring the best results whether you are beginner or advanced.

Quickstart gives you a summary of our most essential lessons. If you want an even more condensed version, see the Training Absolutes course and come back here when you’re ready to be next level (yes, we’re being passive aggressive, but for your benefit).

No matter what level you think you train at, if you don’t know these lessons, by our standards, you are still a beginner. It’s not difficult to learn and anyone can reach the advanced level, that’s where your aim should be.

Tip: This course summarizes decades of knowledge and experience. We attempted to keep it simple, but it’s still a lot. Don’t get overwhelmed with knowledge. Try doing a lesson a day or one per week. Spend a few minutes each time on a lesson and try implementing it into your training. Come back again and learn more. There will always be more.